Since a long time, Olive Mill Wastewaters (OMW) pose an important issue from environmental, economic and social perspectives. These wastes have high organic load, being very recalcitrant and thus highly pollutant. In fact, biological treatments are not usually able to detoxificate OMW.

Many approaches have been proposed to deal with OMW. Up to now, unfortunately, the results have been quite unsatisfactory, forcing less tight laws about their disposal.

This Project aims to develop simple and inexpensive methods for OMW treatment, suitable for immediate application directly in situ at olive mills.

OMW can be composted to stable products, useful as fertilizer in the same olive groves. Alternatively, OMW will be used as nutrient for the cultivation of high quality edible fungi. Fractionated extraction of OMW will be also performed to evaluate their suitability as a source of natural phenolics, which can have a nutraceutical of cosmetic interest.

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Enrico Sanjust – Scientific Director
University of Cagliari – Department of Biomedical Sciences

Consorzio UNO – University at Oristano